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My name is Dave and after spending what seemed like a lifetime looking for the best products to fit out my workshop, I decided to do a guide. Here we are looking at air compressors. Along with a gang of my buddy’s, we have looked at several brands as well as types. We have done several air compressor comparison charts, so you can find what you’re after.

We have gone for the obvious brands, California Air Tools, Powermate, Dewalt but we have also gone for some less well known ones. Something to suit all applications and budgets.

Brand Name Or Budget ?

Are you someone who buys based around a brand name? Do you buy just on budget? Why not do both?

So let’s have a further look at what the scores on the doors are.


Best Air Compressor For Home Garage

If you’re just wanting a small machine for home use, then we look at different products for you. We have suggested a couple as the best air compressor for home garage. Again we have tried to look at lower end pricing options as well as more costlier models.


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Pancake Compressor Reviews

Becoming even more popular due to their small size, we just had to do pancake compressor reviews. DeWalt are the brand leaders, so we’ve looked at their models including the DEWALT DWFP55126 Pancake Compressor. We reviewed this model here.


Best 12v Air Compressor


These are great and often found used for tire inflation, as well as more fun things like the kiddies paddling pools. In our search for the best 12v air compressor, we scoured several brands which will suit all budgets. These are great to keep in the trunk or in the RV. What people like about these types are the DC power from the plug-in (cigarette lighter) in your car or truck can power them.

You’ll never worry about being caught out with a flat tire, provided you have power. Check out our reviews here on one popular model.


Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter what you’re wanting to use these for, air tools, nailers, paint spraying we have looked at dozens of different products. Ideal for all environments & budgets. We have tried to focus on the best quiet air compressor to suit what you are wanting.