Briggs And Stratton 3 Gallon Air Compressor

Short Review - Briggs And Stratton
  • Quiet
  • Easy to Move
  • Weight
  • Quick Filling
  • Control

You do not come across quiet compressors. So when you come across the Briggs and Stratton quiet power compressor, you know for sure that you have something special. Tested and proven to be 80% quieter than other compressors, The Briggs and Stratton 3 Gallon 074027-00 is by far one of the most reliable compressors ever made. Limited vibrations as well as a motor that has been proven to last 3 more times than other motor brands are some of the other perks that come along with Briggs and Stratton 3 Gallon 074027-00 quiet compressor.

Briggs And Stratton 3 Gallon Air Compressor-using

Product features

A four pole induction motor operating at 1700 RPM gives the compressor the power it needs to run quietly. Combined with two powerful pumps, air flow gets distributed evenly. An end result is a machine that works quietly. Note that small compressors are usually disorienting and loud, especially in small rooms. This one is an exception in both small and large rooms.

The design is also something to marvel at. You will notice how easy it is to start the machine. The control panel comes with an ON and OFF switch, making it easy for anyone to operate the air compressor. It gets better with the compressor’s quick connect coupler which makes connecting tools easy. Then there is the machine’s large handle as its rugged wheels to make mobility easy.


  • Powerful motor – QPT motors which are what Briggs and Stratton 3 Gallon 074027-00 uses last for long. 3 times longer than other motors as already mentioned. This means this Briggs and Stratton 3 Gallon Air Compressor can work on several jobs with ease.
  • 80% Quieter – It allows you to work and think at the same time! Virtually no noise, which also means no vibration. In short, it guarantees reduced noise pollution.
  • Energy efficiency – Briggs and Stratton 3 Gallon 074027-00 does not need high amperage to start and remain running.
  • Easy operation – effortless to run the machine even for first-time users.
  • Perfect for home projects – It is safe to use for a wide range of home projects.
  • 1-year warranty – Shows commitment from the company.
  • Fantastic customer service.
  • Very easy to understand user manual.


  • Awkward cord placement – The AC cord is placed near the cylinder head, which can easily get hot.
  • Awkward to move around – Not a con per se as you may need to move the compressor from time to time.


Think of Briggs and Stratton 3 Gallon 074027-00 as the greatest invention since sliced bread. It is, by all means, all you need for garage construction projects, tire inflation, building decks or home remodeling projects. The fact that it is value priced also makes it one of the few air compressors in the market that guarantee value for money. You will enjoy how quiet the machine is as you won’t have to shout to the person next to you when it runs. You can actually listen to music as the compressor runs. This 3 Gallon Air Compressor is all you need to get your projects up and running till completion.

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