California Air Tools 8010 Ultra Quiet Air Compressor Reviews

Quick Review - California Air Tools 8010 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor
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I am here to tell you about the 8010 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free 1.0 hp Steel Tank Air Compressor by California Air Tools.  Guess what I like about this piece of equipment?   Yep – it’s quiet and oil-free.  It’s also relatively light, as far as air compressors go, and it’s got the power and capacity to handle my jobs.

I have a small shop.  I’ve recently retired and I now have what you might call a “fixed income”, so my shop isn’t fancy.  But every single tool in that shop is a high-quality and necessary piece of equipment.  It goes toward quality of life, my friend.  When I get into my woodworking, I lose track of time, something my 15 year old granddaughter, Alexis, calls “finding the flow”. My tools need to be versatile, reliable, and affordable in order to keep me in that headspace.  And I’ve earned that.

While I can promise you that I have absolutely found the right air compressor for my needs, only you can decide that it’s right for your shop and your projects.  I’ve laid out some of the specs, here, along with what I consider to be pros and cons.  Hope it helps you to make an informed decision.

Ultra quiet air compressor reviews

Product Features

The Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free 1.0 hp Steel Tank Air Compressor has the best features recorded right there in its name.  Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it DOES live up to its name.  I’ll just go ahead and call it the 8010 if it makes no nevermind to you.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with air compressors, then you may have to do a bit of scouting around the shop or research to see what CFMs your air-powered tools will require.  The specs on most websites will tell you that this tool is good for tasks like air brushing, hobby nailing or painting, and more routine jobs such as inflation and blow cleaning.  If you need to run several tools at a go or you need more power, then perhaps you want to look at some stationary compressor options.  In my shop, I need to be able to carry the thing, I need to be able to plug it in anywhere, and I need to know that my 8010 is going to outlast my budget.

A big consideration for me (and for anyone who has run a noisy air compressor in a small space) is the fact that the 8010 is indeed “ultra-quiet”.  There are degrees of quiet, and this one runs at a respectful whisper.  That means more conversations with my granddaughter out in the shop, whether or not the air compressor is running.  Here are the major features that you’ll need to consider, apart from my two cents…

→ single stage

→ 3.00 CFM at 40 psi

→ 2.20 CFM at 90 psi

→ maximum pressure of 120 psi

→ eight-gallon tank, on wheels

→ 54 lb – weighs about as much as a border collie

→ thermal overload protector

→ motor speed of 1680 RPMs

→ oil-free pump

→ electric power source (110 volt)

→ limited one-year warranty

→ two pressure control gauges

→ one ¼” universal quick connector

I’ll be honest and say that I did some head-scratching to come up with some negatives re: the 8010, after my own positive experiences.  But as a consumer, before I made my purchase, these were the “pro” features that really mattered.


  • Light and portable at 54 pounds
  • QUIET!  64 dBA outdoor rating.  You can hear yourself think!
  • Oil-free and hardy – no changing the oil or refilling, disposing, etc.  Works in many different environments, uneven surfaces, and colder temps
  • Electric and oil-free – perfect for smaller, enclosed spaces
  • Fast fill and recovery times thanks to large dual pistons
  • Durable and well-designed  – cast aluminum cylinder, teflon cylinder rings mean less wear and tear
  • 4-pole motors – less vibration, less noise, more durability
  • Thermal overload protector is a good feature to protect the machine from unnecessary damage to the motor


  • Manual/guide not included in package, in some cases.  Apparently none of you young people know how to use the internet?  Find the manual here.
  • 8 gallon tank means this likely isn’t the right tool for high-volume tools
  • Some assembly required.  No “flow” there, Alexis.

Ultra Quiet Air Compressor Reviews Conclusion

I have had my fair share of noise and headaches in the workplace. Now my shop is my sanctuary, and every tool needs to fit the bill.  This machine is quiet, well-priced, and made with quality parts and design. It doesn’t produce fumes to worry this Grandpa when there are visitors to the shop.  It is portable and useful in a variety of situations, and so it keeps me busy around the yard too, which my wife appreciates.  If it didn’t sound to cheesy, I would call this a family-friendly option, but I’ve also recommended the California Air Tools 8010 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free 1.0 hp Steel Tank Air Compressor (whew!) to my woodworking buddies.  It just needs a snappier name. Good luck my friend – hope this has helped.

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