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You never know what will happen when you are on a road trip with friends. So why not pack the GOOLO 300PSI Tire Inflator with you? It could be a lifesaver. All you need is to connect it to the jump starter. You will, of course, need adapters to get it running. Just like that, you can head out with the peace of mind that nothing will go wrong as you travel with loved ones. The handling of any vehicle, including the braking distance is after all directly proportional to how well the tires are inflated.  How else will you avoid dangerous low-pressure tires? Simply pack the GOOLO 300PSI Tire Inflator in your trunk.

GOOLO 300PSI Tire Inflator-with car tire

Product features

With a max pressure of 300 Psi, the GOOLO 300PSI Tire Inflator is also ideal for inflating balls. It can come in handy on the basketball court or soccer field. It’s 12V DC also means that it does not consume too much power. The most notable feature though is the Max pressure 300 Psi which makes it easy for one to inflate any standard size car tire in less than 8 minutes.

You will love the inflator’s high-quality construction and design. It’s built in air pressure gauge ensures you can easily inflate tires or balls with great ease.  It gets better with 3 nozzle adapters,  perfect for inflating tires on trucks, bikes, and SUVs.

Note that the GOOLO 300PSI Tire Inflator is not designed for continuous use. So every 10 minutes of use, ensure that the inflator gets another 10 minutes to cool down.  Then, as a safety measure, avoid leaving inflating items unattended.


  • Small yet powerful – It is one of the lightest yet powerful inflators you will ever come across.
  • Very easy to use – All you need to do is power it up.
  • Affordable – Sells for less than $100. It has been featured in several reviews as one of the best gadgets you can buy for less than $100.
  • Very light – You can carry it around with ease.
  • Impressive customer service – The manufacturer is known for fantastic customer service.
  • Impressive design – Simple yet breathtaking design.
  • Can also be used to inflate balls – Can also come in handy for inflating other items like balls and kid’s bouncing castles.


  • User manual uses tech language
  • Short power cord – This makes it hard for one to reach a bike parked in the garage or mounted at the back of the car.


It is hard not to love the GOOLO 300PSI Tire Inflator. It is affordable, easy to use and lasts for long. The brand is also one of the most reliable when it comes to customer service. Think of it as one of the best products below $100. All you need to do is use it according to the user manual. From then on, the inflator can serve you for a year without developing a glitch. It is also important to note that the inflator makes less noise compared to other inflators in the same price range.

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